Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Air Alert

So Waterloo has established a vaguley disconcerting thing called an 'air alert' because the flu is so bad here. Everyone is sick. So people like me can't go outside. I'm sick anyways. Plus a case of viral menengitis turned up here. Instead of boarding up the windows and wearing tissue boxes for shoes, I did in fact go outside today, where I was the victim of a couple of kids thinking throwing snow balls through car windows is fun. Of course they promptly learned just how unfunny it is. This turned into an episode of Jerry Springer somehow, where the kids (ten maybe) called their teenage friends on cell phones (what are they doing with cell phones?) to 'kick my ass.' The teenagers of course had to prove their manhood by threatening me. I then disproved it.

Anyways, this is preamble to say our teenagers are not the hope of the future anyhow.

The book seems to be moving again. Wrote quite a bit last night in chapter 14. I never used to outline or anything, and I still don't, but with this one I've had to plan ahead somewhat. It's spilled over out of my head and I've taken to using a tackboard with index cards for each chapter tacked to it, along with the characters and so on, just to kind of be able to see it.

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Benjamin said...

That Houston Chronicle article is frightening, isn't it?

I don't know if it says that the future leaders of the world are fucking morons, or if polls in newspapers just suck.