Monday, February 14, 2005

Holy Trinity

I continue, shamelessly, to be the whore of Vanity Fair, who grace the cover of their annual Hollywood issue with the Holy Trinity: Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, and Uma Thurman. I uttered a very audible 'WOW' in B&N, embarassing everyone including myself, and then I promptly purchased my copy. Which weighs like ten pounds by the way. Do we need all the ads of boys in underwear? Maybe we can have two seperate versions from now on: one of ads, and one of Kate-Cate-Uma pictures.

Darth Vader reads the Bible. Thanks to Liam for the link.

Rained all day today. Lake in the backyard. Wrote eight pages in chapter 16 tonight, getting to use terms like 'hoar frost' and 'hummock.' This brings the book provisionally up to 385 pages (I already have chapter 17 in the can). I think I'll write 18 after this to get back on track. This part of the book is a lot of fun, and definitely different from the monster mash craziness I've been steeped in for more than a week. We'll call this polar mash.

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