Monday, February 07, 2005

(Insert Title Here)

Titling books is hard. Real hard. I'm going through this same lousy process myself. I used to be good at titles, but that was back before I was good at writing books. If I am at all, that is. Titles have to be the single most intangible thing about writing. A wrong title can doom a good book. A great title can help a crap book. I'm having difficulty finding the right title for the Angel Book. I suppose I could call it "THE BEST NOVEL EVER WRITTEN" or "READ THIS OR DIE." I have a few different ideas, and one I really like, but it sounds a little too much like the title of a kid's book, which this is not at all.

As for the new novel, I like the title and I don't. It's apt. It's simple. But I don't know if it's distinctive enough. We'll see I guess. Tonight I should finish chapter 15 and at long last get to the monster mash.

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