Friday, February 04, 2005


Here is a wealth of more info on the sting involving PublishAmerica, from the post yesterday. I have to admit it was awfully bold of PA to pontificate on the illegitmacy sci-fi considering the fact that they are a vanity press passing themselves off as a real publisher.

I've finished chapter 14 and wrote some of 15 last night, but not a lot. There's a subplot that isn't working and another that begs a kind of Joycean subtlety, meaning it will likely get lost under the stampede of everything else. I was thinking about Joyce the other day and how when I first encountered him, I sort of dismissed him because of this idea put in my head that Joyce had no imagination, and somehow was proud of it. I don't remember how that idea got in my head, but I did come around to Joyce and he became a big influence on me. Subtlety is always key. And he actually corresponds nicely to imaginative writers, or 'mythographers' as Robert Calasso would call them. He would say myth is not obvious, subconscious. And I would agree. Myth is subtlety.

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