Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dawn of Tomorrow!

Apparently the U.S. and Europe will someday fight a war - against each other - over Turkey. But the war of tomorrow may very likely be Syria. We'll figure it out.

Figuring out the future of 'Nightline.' Koppel on This Week would be very much good. Watering down Nightline or getting rid of it altogether would be very much bad.

Wrote six pages in chapter 16 last night. This turned into one of those problem chapters, where you come at it from all sorts of angles before finding the right one. Coming up with the design of this winter wonderland they're in has been a lot of fun though. I suppose it might be best described as "Art Deco - On Ice!" I get to pay a little homage to the 1939 World's Fair ("The Dawn of Tomorrow!") and I suppose wink at the pulpy world of tomorrow serials that inspired Star Wars, which in turn inspired me and this little project of mine.

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