Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sunday an F4 tornado destroyed most of Parkersburg, a small town about 10 miles north of Waterloo. It killed seven people, destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses, and made a war zone out of several towns. The same tornado persisted for nearly an hour, blazing a path across several counties into Waterloo along Dunkerton road, where it destroyed several homes a previous tornado did in 2000. My house is roughly 3 miles from the path the twister took through the city, and we didn't get a single drop of rain. There was never any thunder, only the sound of an avalanche, sustained, for nearly fifteen minutes; when I was a kid, my mom said tornadoes sounded like trains, and living less than a mile from the train yards, I can finally say, yes they do. They sound like trains from hell.

Several people at work were affected by the tornado as well. A lot of people say, that's life in Iowa. One minute, it's blue skies and sunshine, the next it's snow. Rain. Tornadoes. A lot of people say, nothing ever happens in Iowa. I think that's a good thing, in the end. A lot of people say, I'm glad that didn't happen to me. You get up, go to work, eat the same lunch you pack everyday and people sift through the wreckage for belongings, memories, bodies, and will tomorrow, until it's done. That's what Iowans do, too. We get up, and go on.

The Hawkeye Chapter of the Red Cross is assisting families and taking donations:

Please help.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To The Person Who Stole My Bike Today

Right out in front of the library in broad daylight, ripping it out of its lock and chain and no doubt damaging it - a brand new bike I worked my ass off for - I hope there is a big giant city bus in your future.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joy Of Fridays

Thank God it's Friday because:

There is a new issue of Buffy: Season 8 (I got the last one! Jesus!)

There is a new episode of Battlestar.

There is a new Star Wars movie coming. This one is animated and now Anakin looks like he escaped from the set of the Thunderbirds.

There are only 8 more chapters to go in my revised draft of the novel.

There is no cure for dibilitating headaches or unrequited romances except the new Radiohead record is pretty fucking sweet.