Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fizzed Out

Turns out Titan is the 'Peter Pan' of the solar system. On a related note, the space shuttle will return to flight on May 15, a little over two years since the loss of the Columbia. And also, the largest explosion in space ever recorded happened in our backyard back in December. They say that if this explosion occured withing 10,000 light years of Earth (it was 50,000 light years away) it would have caused mass extinction. Makes you wonder about the unfortunate folks who had front row seats to this thing.

I seem to have arrived at one of those inevitable points in writing a novel where it all suddenly goes haywire. The fizz has gone out of the pop. Chapter 18 can't quite get off the ground. That despite the fact I wrote five new pages tonight, but none of it seems right. Or not good enough, at least. I feel very unsure and doubtful. It all seems crap. I know this always happens, and it lasts a little while and then I get through it, so I'm not worried. It just sucks getting through it. It may be time to decompress and write something else, work some on the short story idea I had last week.

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