Thursday, February 17, 2005

Revenge of the Socialist Toys

It's that time of year again. That special time of year when kids of all ages squeal with joy, and their credit cards beg for the scissors. Time for International Toy Fair. This weekend in NYC the toy companies peddle their wares for the coming year, and a day early Hasbro spills the beans on its toy line for the new Star Wars movie. It will include 56 (!) figures and assorted goodies. Take a look, but as they say nowadays, MAJOR SPOILERS lurk in them there woods. *cough* He becomes Vader at the end *cough*

Teddy Bruschi, linebacker for the Patriots, apparently suffered a stroke yesterday. He's a class act and it's good to hear he's doing well.

China Mieville creates a list of the 50 best sf/f books socialists should read. One of them is Frankenstein, my favorite book, and of it he says:

"(It deals with) the fact that there is no “innate” nature to people, but a socially-constructed one."

One of the things I'm dealing with in the new novel is this kind of a dichotomy; there are two main characters. One firmly believes she is a creature of her nature, and the other believes he is a product of his society. Naturally, I will solve this question once and for all. Or something. I finished chapter 16 last night, and tonight slogged through five difficult pages in chapter 18 (after having already written 17). May not keep any of it. Definitely an off night. The book is now up to 405 pages, and the 700 page target number I mentioned before now seems very much likely.

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