Sunday, January 22, 2006

Space... MADNESS!

I flipped back and forth this afternoon between the Steelers-Broncos game and this great documentary of Dickens on PBS. It wasn't so much a documentary as a faux-60 Minutes kind of thing where they conducted 'interviews' with Dickens, the people in his life, as if they were back in 1855 with a video camera. I enjoyed it as much as watching the Bus take the Steelers to Super Bowl Xtra Large.

I was on the couch watching all this because I was flat on my back in pain all day. I get these episodes every once in a while where the pain just overwhelms me. It started a couple of days ago and today the tide came in. This medication they have me on now does nothing but make me naseous. I can live with being in constant pain, I have for almost six years now, but the flare-ups get more and more spectacular, like they're in some race to top themselves, and life, work, everything becomes difficult.

Kat Sedia did me a big favor this weekend, reading my novel in progress. It's a tricky experimental sort of thing that I worried might fly apart on take-off, but she took the risk anyway, and I thank her. Her comments were very helpful, even if it did induce space... MADNESS!

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