Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Queen's Eyes Were Light-Yellow

I started reading Virginia Woolf's Orlando for the first time, but in a casino, which is about as nuts as it sounds. It was so loud and smoky inside, and packed, just ridiculously packed, that I read aloud. Nobody could hear me. "The Queen's eyes were light-yellow!" "Bingo!" I had lunch with Ben the other day, and that wasn't nearly as haywire an experience. We talked about the workshop I want to get going, and when is the right time to get off the Star Wars toy train.

Besides the workshop, I'm very eager to get my lit zine project going. I'm having trouble finding the resources and info I need, and I go back and forth between wanting it to be a print project, and a web project. Another thing I go back and forth on is the next writing project. Third sci-fu book? New sci-fi book? There's nothing really to stop me from doing a little on each at the same time, but that's never really worked for me in the past, and the work only gets more complicated; the notes of the third book in the trilogy could constitute a book in their own right.

So the London Times had a bit of fun and sent out samples of previously published works, some that garnered a lot of critical acclaim, to literary agents to see what kind of response they'd get in today's market. The response was predictable, but not so much the real 'reality' of what the 'experiment' may have uncovered. The commentary that follows below is eye-opening, too.

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