Saturday, January 14, 2006

After Hours

The gala at my brother's gallery for Paco Rosic was very successful. Probably around 500 people showed up. I drank way too much wine, which caught up with me later, when I out with a bunch of folks and then proceeded to drink too much Captain & Coke. My mom went out with the party for a while to Monica's, and reminicised with Senator Dotzler about the good ol' days (my mom actually ran for city council back in '82); I'd met him during the campaign last year, and last night he invited me to visit the State Capitol in Des Moines sometime as a VIP guest, which was very nice.

I also got to see a dear old friend of the family, Mary Rudd, who's been to Italy and Greece in the last few weeks, and is going to Africa (!) next month. There was actually a guy from Africa at the bar, and my mom mispronounced his name all night (I don't even know what it was, I never heard it right) as she's want to do. She still calls Sugu 'Subaru' despite my best efforts. And despite the fact my head was spinning terrible, I got up very early this morning to help put together a set for a play at UNI. I really enjoyed it. I hadn't done anything like that in years, since my old playhouse days, and I miss it. I also made some progress on the workshop I'm putting together, the lit zine (which requires only me figuring what the hell I need to do) and even the prospect of readings at the gallery.

The arts group that has formed downtown now has a website, so check that out.

And Sugu updated his site with stories and pics from his trip back to the States, like this one:

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