Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Mouse, The Mouse, The Mouse Is On Fire

Don't mess with mouses, yo.

I had a pretty good night writing. I've been alternating a little between my two projects, and tonight I feel like I cracked some of the problems I was having with Chapter 1 of the third book in the sci-fi trilogy. Basically it was how the hell to start it; the narrative scope of this one dwarfs the preceding two books. The first book had a single narrative thread, the second book two, and this one four. The books all start small and broaden out, though, and what I was trying to do here was start with a God's eye view and work my way down. It's just not the way of these books. I went back to the intimate, let it carry me down the river to the big mouth of the ocean. The burdensome exposition you have to carry around starting with the macro comes easy, painless, and instead of bludgeoning the reader over the head with a captivating image at the top, they come on you, gradually, relentlessly.

The Iowa Writer's Workshop should no longer be considered a top ten program'. Wow.


mandy said...

i agree about the iowa writer's workshop. i think i want to get my mfa from warren wilson college in ashville, north carolina. though i wouldn't mind hanging out at the foxhead for a couple more years. and being one of the cool ones this time.

Darby said...

You were always the cool one, Mandy.