Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Narrative Dreams

More narrative vs. non-narrative battles, all in one tidy place. Definitely give Narrativity a read.

Spent the night revising and submitting. I had a run last year where I wrote a lot of short stories, submitted them all, and sold none. Looking over some the last few days, I guess I see why; a lot of them are flabby and inconcise. Others just can't find good homes. I write lots of homeless stories. So I've put the flabby ones on a diet, and I'm making the rounds again to places I haven't considered in the past.

I had the most pleasant dream I think I've ever had last night. It was about a friend coming to see me, surprising me, rewarding all these wishes you store up over time; a day dream sort of thing but not deliberate, not designed, just there.

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