Thursday, January 05, 2006


Reading resolutions for 2006. My new year's reading resolution? I think I want to pick a writer (maybe Chekov, somebody I haven't read too much and should have) and read all of their work. As much as I can find. And also, I plan on starting a local writing workshop. I want to get Ben and whoever else is willing to get together and beat each other senseless.

The connection between Kong and Heart of Darkness, which I wrote about a little in my review of the film.

The new novel. It's a bitch. Most of them are. This one feels like a dare you've lost. "Ha! You thought you could experiment successfully in point of view! Fool! Now drink the Draino!" And it goes back and forth between Casablanca in space, and The Great Gatsby in space. You may wonder how that's supposed to work. You and me both. I suppose I should show the first hundred pages to folks before I get too far out in the wilderness.

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