Friday, August 26, 2005

Writing, 8/26

I finished Chapter Eight in the Angel Book tonight, bringing the whole shebang up to 207 pages; but since I actually have quite a bit of material already in place for Chapter Nine, it's more like 220. But that needs some fine tuning, and maybe so does the Big Plot Point I feared I arrived at too fast before. I arrive at it, sort of sideways, at the end of Chapter 8, and it's far less dramatic than I intended. Maybe it should be. The real drama is in the main character's dilemma upon learning about this 'secret', and the results of her actions. The first thing she does is what she always does, she steps out of the way. Then she gets her head on straight and what to that point had been merely unsettling gets pretty fucking horrifying.

I have a feeling it will take me to the end of this year, finishing this, and then, maybe early next year, I may want to start in finally on (EPIC TRILOGY ALERT) the third and final book, or at least some heavy duty research.

I'm waiting, as writers are want to do, to hear back from various magazines and readers. All my stories are somewhere, either submitted to mags or to friends for proofing. It's excruciating and exciting and bewildering, all at once.

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