Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Was It The Gun, Wrench, Knife, Or Book?

I like big books and I cannot - well, on second thought. 1,390 pages! 4 1/2 pounds! Finally, the weaponized novel.

As if to answer my prayers, the MFA blog. Check it out, if you have any inkling at all of pursuing a graduate degree in creative writing.

I get to proof read some of Sugu's stories today (he's reading the Aran story right now for me) and hopefully catch up on the Angel Book. I think I did come to the bit I left it at way too soon, and I need to let things percolate a little bit more before I pull the string. The main character in the book has always been a passive, 'oh, well' type of person her whole life, and in the course of the book she is manipulated to one extent or another by opposing forces; the trick for me is to find the right moment when she stands up and says, "no more." I think with her, it's two things, in stages: she's not going to be manipulated or led around, and then, she's not going to sit back and do nothing anymore.

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