Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Man of Aran

Figures. You always have to go downtown for the coolest bars.

Maureen McHugh has a fucking blog! She's also doing the Bookslut reading up in Chicago tomorrow night. I so wish I was going to be there.

Her Small Bear Press partner in crime Kelly Link also has posted a story from her new collection up on the SBP website, "The Faery Handbag."

I wrote nine pages in the Aran Islands story tonight, bringing it up to 30 pages. It has a little bit more to go yet, so it will end up being my longest short story so far. It's for damn sure the most disturbing. I don't even know if I'll show it to anybody. This one got way creepy, way fast. We'll see. I'm mailing out the Millie story for the first time tomorrow, and crossing my fingers. That means all my current short stories (except for the Aran WIP) will be circulating. Five of 'em. I look back on this summer and I think, I wrote five (five and a half) short stories. And I kinda' like them. I never thought I would be a short story writer, so it's a neat thing for me.

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