Monday, August 01, 2005

Dog Days

I spent some time today with an old story that continues to vex me, months later. I think, maybe, I may have finally found a way to solve the problems that plague it (mostly the beginning; I've never known what to do with the beginning). Sometimes I think my ideas are better than my ability to present them. I feel like my life's work will be slogging toward the place where my skills are as good as my ideas. If they're even good. Good lord, they could be crap.

A massive, great interview with Joss Whedon.

So this explains a few things.

Sugu has a forum now. Someday, when I am a famous author with legions of rabid, adoring fans, I will have forums. And I will not post there. Just kidding. I'll post. But as Sugu.

NASA will send an astronaut out for the hairest space walk of all time, underneath the shuttle, tomorrow. They're going to fix two pieces of material that may or may not pose a threat to Discovery on re-entry.

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