Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shopping Spree Leaves Two Wounded

My brother is opening his art gallery downtown in a couple months, so I went with him today to buy the things he needs to get her going, things like 10' long light fixtures, their bulbs, shelving, air compressors, trash cans (both plastic and metal), tools, lots more tools, etc. This Menards we have is so big and vast, it literally has an oasis like pit stop in the middle with some benches and a couple pop machines. Then it was price shopping all over the place for a computer and printer for the business. I think he felt a lot more tired than I did (especially in the pocket book area).

Caitlin R. Kiernan lets 'em have it, round two. I agree with most everything she says in the Monday post (after her progress update on her book). There is no perscription for writing. No formula. If you're getting one out of a book, or off the internet, or wherever, you're looking in the wrong place. Only you can teach yourself how to write, what you'll write; if you're not listening to yourself, or if there's nothing to listen to, then that should tell you something.

I wrote six pages in the Aran Islands story tonight, bringing it up to 21 pages, but it was one of those nights I spent searching. Every time I start a new story, I feel like I forgot how to write one. Even if I just finished one the day before. Each story is different. Each has its own learning curve. Finding the story feels scary each time, because you never find it in the same place.

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