Friday, August 19, 2005

Posty Post Post

Not a lot to post today. Today was a strange, almost blustery day that wanted to be all sorts of things, but was just in between. There were huge mountains of clouds far on the horizon, but they stayed there, all day, teasing. Had lunch with Ben yesterday. We talked about Star Wars and guys that always have to be tougher than everyone else. Hopefully I can read his story when it's done, it sounds fun.

I did a lot of revising on the Aran story tonight, and I feel like it's becoming the story it wants to be. It switched from first person to third, past to present, and suddenly found its wings. I like it a lot more than I did just a day ago. I only got through half of it, though, and it grew to 40 pages. I'll finish the revision tomorrow (maybe) and we'll see where it's at then.

And then I must get back to the Angel Book, because when last we left our heroes...

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