Monday, February 06, 2006

You Don't Know Where You're Going...

...but you wanna talk. Good post from Matt on dialogue, with lots of links. He said basically everything I would about dialogue. I'd like to respond here (as I did on his blog) to a comment left there, regarding the idea that dialogue in a literary novel would be completely different from a sci-fi or mystery novel. Why? Because the former is supposed to be good, and the latter bad? The dialogue in Samuel R. Delaney's fiction is literary-caliber, as is Kelly Link's and a host of other writers too many to mention. My own fiction has always been a blend of what I suppose would be classified as literary elements, and also what I supposed would be genre elements; to me it's not blending high and low art. You should always want to tell the best story possible, and write it the best you can.

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