Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't Worry About Security

Your president in action.

Maureen McHugh's Hodgkins may have returned. I wish her all the best.

So I promised the zine cover this week. Mmm... the week technically isn't over yet. So we'll see. I may have found a new title for it. I'm up to 110 pages on my novel. And I was in a car accident today. Nothing major. But the other guy was perhaps the biggest asshole I've met in quite some time. Aren't they always, though? We had pulled over to the side of the road to avoid an ambulance (as you're supposed to) and who comes flying out of a driveway? Asshole. We honked the horn for like five seconds and he just kept coming. He told me 'it didn't matter.' It was a generally crappy day. What can I say.

But I found out Mandy watches Project Runway too!

I'm so addicted it's not even funny.


mandy said...

Hey! Did you have to tell everybody? That was supposed to be a secret.

Darby said...