Thursday, February 16, 2006

Secret Writer Advice

The world is crazy. People are crazy. There's no advice for how to deal with it, regardless of what Dr. Phil says. If a big bald guy ever wants to sit behind a monitor and watch you go on blind dates and then talk about it on TV, you are not getting advice. You are getting more crazy.

Luckily, there's a secret book for writers with juicy bits of writerly advice. Caitlin Kiernan divulges a little bit of this super secret info on her blog today:

One thing it takes to be a working author, one thing that is absolutely requisite, is the ability to accept at least one grievous and unwarranted insult each and every day from a perfect stranger. There are no exceptions.(from pg. 15)

So I sold two stories the other day. I also recieved a rejection letter that partly dismissed the story in question because it might be considered intolerant toward gays. Get this: the story is about people fingering people who advocate intolerance toward gays. And Charlie Brown says "UGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

Here's a review of Fantasy Magazine #2 which contains a new story of hers.

Spent the day writing, revising, reading, editing, submitting, which is what a lot of my days have been like lately. I feel a little wobbly without a novel to work on, and slowly I feel the desire to want to get back into one thigh deep, which is good. Especially for my thighs.

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