Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Like Ghosts

The blurry line between YA and adult fiction. I think about this sometimes. When I was a teenager, I graduated into 'mature' comic books before I did novels. At the time DC was in the early days of what would become Vertigo; Alan Moore was doing Swamp Thing, Neil Gaiman was just starting Sandman, and comics weren't comics anymore. I started reading more 'adult' books, at first things like 'The Stand', and then 'The World According to Garp.' I think about this because some of my fiction straddles this line, the same as it does genres. I don't think books should be labeled YA or OA or whatever, anymore than they should be shoe horned into categories and genres. It helps for young readers to have a realm of books all their own, but the best books, as they quickly find out, live there like ghosts; they're there, and they're not.

Went to the doctor again today. Same old story, except I've now lost 80 pounds. It's sort of hard to comprehend that this time last year I felt so big -- I was so big -- and ugly and shipwrecked and lost. I'm only a little over half way to my goal (half of my former self) but I know now I can do it, and more.

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