Sunday, February 26, 2006

21st Century Writer

Slipstream ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be...

A really good review of Ali Smith's new novel The Accidental spins off larger questions about life in the age of public narrative, and also, if the book is slipstream or not, and just what is slipstream nowadays. Read Bruce Sterling's 1989 essay for sure. Slipstream is more or less what I've been calling 'deep-dish lit' here on the blog; writing that inhabits a strangeness that isn't orthodox in either literary or genre terms. I consider myself that kind of writer. I don't particulary appreciate the term 'post-modern'. It's outdated, and I have issues with it. I'd rather just say I'm a 21st century writer. I'm a writer coming of age in a century very young and undefined, that changes exponentially every year. Our art and the means of its delivery to the public changes every year. It's very hard to define things that can't be or aren't meant to be defined.

Went out last night with Ben and friends from the Metro Arts Guild, Kyle and Osie. It was a lot of fun. We meant to go to the new Irish pub, but it won't be open to the public until Monday, so we went to the Lava Lounge instead. Osie designed the logo for the zine, which I just realized I've never showed here. Now that the title has changed, and Osie is graciously amending the logo, I present the original:

I love it and I'm sad there was another Other. Big thanks to Osie for his time and hard work, I really appreciate it. As for the cover... so, next week for sure.

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