Tuesday, March 15, 2005


What to say, what to say. Things unspooling here in all sorts of ways. I don't have a great desire to talk about it here, which brings up the issue of why even keep this blog if it doesn't serve to keep my thoughts.

"My work has escaped my control, and I have produced a monster; an immensely long, complex, rather bitter, and rather terrifying romance, quite unfit for children (if fit for anybody)..."

This is J.R.R. Tolkien, talking about Lord of the Rings. I thought it apt considering it perfectly sums up my feelings about the book at this point. One reason the aforementioned agent dismissed the book (or I should say its predecessor) was her feeling that it didn't know if it wanted to be a book for adults or for young adults. She doesn't know who it's for. I guess I don't know either. It's for me. What do I want? Do I even know? Some people claim I don't.

I suppose there's no reason to keep playing footsy with the material - what I'm writing now is the second part of a trilogy. Yep. The cliched epic trilogy. There should be hazard signs up for these things. "WARNING: EPIC TRILOGY AHEAD."

It's very slow going writing it. I wrote five pages tonight, which brings up to about 20 in the last two weeks, or barely half the average.

Sugu redesigned his site. And if you've noticed the Star Wars joy around here, it's because of this.

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