Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The new - and last ever - Star Wars trailer is announced. Let the geek begin. I remember as a kid being very upset after learning there would be no new SW films after Return of the Jedi, and then upon learning of the 'prequels' as they're known now, I just could not wait. Now it's nearly over.

Backstory is a wonderful new blog I've found where writers reveal their stories on the way to publishing. This comes from Buzz, Balls, and Hype which is also a lot of fun.

I realize I report on the progress of the novel here, but say very little about it. A teacher of mine once said writers who talk about their work were somehow sinful; it put me off ever talking about my work, but I understand now he meant writers who talk about writing and books/stories they mean to write but won't, that's the 'sin.' Talking about writing and having your friends unscrew the giant mess you've made of your story, that's a blessing. Still, I'm not gonna talk about the book. Except to say I wrote ten pages in chapter 20 tonight, and probably could have done more if I didn't want to leave some in the tank for tomorrow. The novel is up to 460 pages.

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