Friday, March 18, 2005

Out On The Piss

As the Dubs say of going out on a bender. I didn't quite do that last night, but I had one or two (and one for some Irish buddies, such as Sugu and Polly). I got pinched a lot because I wasn't wearing green. Apaprently my Irish name and authentic Irish lineage were not enough to qualify. That's okay, I pinched back.

The book is very frustrating right now. I'm in the middle of one of those terrible exposition scenes that just can't be avoided. These are the times you wish you were writing what I call T-shirt and jeans stories, because you don't have to explain the real world from the ground up. Everyone knows what a cell phone is and how it works, for example. The nice thing about sci-fi is that there a lot of concessions in it (going faster than light, etc.) so you don't have to explain them too much. It's everything else you have to. I'm trying to find a way to do it without it all bunching up together, and most importantly, without it all being boring as hell.

The big problem here is that a lot of the world I've already established comes into question in this scene, and the main character discovers much of what she believed about herself, her family, her people, was wrong. I'm eager to get it down and get through it, because the juiciest bits of this story are on the other side.

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