Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Revenge of the Gaelic!

The weather was just gorgeous today. Still is, really. Talked to my good friend Lisa and made plans for the epic Chicago/Indy adventure at the end of April. It will be fantastic to see her as well as Amy and Conan. I can't wait.

Also making plans for Midnight Madness on Friday, which for some reason is becoming just as logisitically challenging. That's why one reason why these things aren't fun anymore, and why Ben is quitting.

I wrote ten pages of chapter 23 tonight, and combined with the five or so remaindered from 21, I somehow managed to be half done with it. That brings the book up to 540 pages, and no doubt about it, 700 was conservative. The tipping point of the book is in here somewhere; I am starting to wonder/worry if the A/B plot structure is working, if it's not too jarring in some places. I've set a goal of finishing this chapter by Friday night.

You know, so I can do Midnight Madness. The shame.

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