Friday, March 25, 2005

The Presumption of Life

The right to life. The right to die. We argue a lot over just what rights we have nowadays, a lot really for a country that sees its mission as the march of freedom and deomcracy across the globe. Like most every one else, I would prefer that Terri Schiavo live. The bottom line is it's not my decision, and it doesn't matter what I think. This is a fact lost on Congress, on the President, on many people. The argument then spills over into what God wants. What God intends. I don't know what God wants for Mrs. Schiavo. Neither does anyone else. I do know God has nothing to do with it.

God gives us life, and he takes it away. Or at least he used to. We have the power now to keep people alive whether they should be or not. How we make use of that power is a question we must answer for ourselves. If God did not want us to have this power, one that extends into our genes, into outer space - we wouldn't. God cannot answer this question for us, anymore than Terri Schiavo can.

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