Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Runway Withdrawal

I admit it. One week later, and life after Project Runway is difficult. Of course, there's the Sopranos, but no new tirades from Santino? No more German goodbyes from Darth Klum? Sigh. Luckily, there is life after Runway. First, I found this blog devoted entirely to the show, with lots of links to the designers sites (and their own blogs). And of course Bravo has TONS of videos and material to keep you going for a while, including a video of Kara Janx's Fashion Week collection. Yeah, she didn't make the cut, but she showed, and good lord. I always liked her best, but if she had been contending... I could listen to her voice all day. If I had an iPod, that's all I'd do. Kara talking, on
shuffle. I need help.

My novel hates me. But two days until St. Patty's!!!


Benjamin said...

Yes, yes, St. Patrick's Day. Time to get so drunk I forget this whole crappy week and also forget where I live.

Darby said...

That's the best thing about St. Patty's. You honor the man that brought God to Ireland, and you wake up the next day thinking you've moved.

Benjamin said...

Well, I remembered where I lived, but I didn't remember to not puke. Oh well.