Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm Feeling Lucky

The Google map of Mars!. From Caitlin R. Kiernan. This is funny because I was talking with my friends Osie and Kyle the other day about space, and the private sector taking up the plunge into space, and how it would likely be a company -- Google -- that lands on Mars first.

I'm looking forward to V For Vendetta, even if Alan Moore isn't. I admire his uncompromising creativity, and I've always admired the original graphic novel, but wanting to take his name off it? The movie, okay. But the book?

I got back into the novel last night after taking a few days off. 146 pages now. As Tim Gunn of Project Runway would say, I'm trying to 'Make it work.' I wonder if it's this book that's so difficult, or this is the future of my writing. The more you know. The more you learn of craft, the more considerations you have, and for someone like me, who tends to fly through first drafts so I can whittle it all down later, it's like putting the brakes on. You have to consider all that there is to consider. So it makes the process slower, but better. I hope.

Only five more days until St. Patty's, and the IWP crew arrives! A good number of them, anyhow. I can hardly contain my excitement. I only hope the weather behaves, and they don't all find Waterloo oppressively boring.

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