Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Bad, More Good, The Everyday Cycle

Dana Reeve, 1961-2006. Life is ridiculously unfair.

But it has its moments. My dear friend Ilona is getting married. Congratulations to her and to the lucky fellow.

I recieved an extraordinary poem today from my old friend and mentor Daniel Dahlquist for the first issue of Other Than. I wouldn't be where I am, on this road and journey, if it wasn't for him. The zine is very nearly complete, just a couple more contributions to go. Early May still looks like the target date for printing.

I had a very good night with the novel last night. I ended up with something like 137 pages, so I wrote about ten new pages. The new issue of Bookslut is out, which contains a great interview with Jonathan Ames, which deals in part with point of view. That's a big part of the challenge with this novel. Like the Angel Book, I'm trying to bend and stretch first person as far as I possibly can, finding ways to open it up more, to allow it to insinuate itself into omniscence. And I like what Ames said about using first person to get into the character; you can do this with third person as well, but first is almost like playing a part, creating a voice, mannerisms, and tics.

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