Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen!

One of those nights I really wish I was back in IC: I missed Kevin Brockmeier's reading at Prairie Lights. I really want to get a hold of his book which sounds very interesting to me, because it sounds like it comes from the same crazy sort of place the Angel Book did. I love stories about death and what's after. What could be more exciting or adventuresome? "Death would be an awfully big adventure."

As is the usual, after writing ten pages or more of my novel in one sitting, I've taxed myself out. I wrote a little last night, but tonight, nothing. Exhaustion. Except the finale of Project Runway is on! I like them all. I thought Daniel V. was a lock until I saw his final looks, which didn't measure to the creativity he established for himself during the show. Mandy and I were talking about how there should be a PR style show for writers. A workshop where each week someone gets eliminated. The red check mark or something. It would be hysterical. You kind of already had that atmosphere in the actual workshop environment. It could be very competitive and cutthroat at times. Some people didn't survive. I remember the instructor of a poetry class I took (he was also a student in the Iowa MFA program) came in one day after being 'eliminated' let's say, and said, "My life is over." And all the German girls say Auf Wiedersehen!


mandy said...

What i like to think of when imagining a writing workshop reality show is the writing assignments they would give. I always remember sitting in a circle in a little windowless room in Belfast. We all stared strangely at one another, at the floor, at Martin's pink socks, while he played Elvis's Suspicous Minds on a portable stereo. It was like he played that song and then said "okay, that's your assignment. Go write!" It was hard not to burst out laughing, except that i knew he was dead serious.
And I'm glad Chloe won. She had the best line in the end. Though I thought if Santino were a better sewer, his clothes were some i would actually wear.

Darby said...

Martin played "Daddy I'm Fine" by Sinead O'Connor's for us. I really remember it well because I was like "Sinead!" and it was about growing up in Dublin and that hunger to make something of yourself. I'm glad Chloe won, too. I thought Santino's collection was amazing, and I thought the judges were trying to have it both ways with him, not wanting him to be crazy, but not wanting him to be safe.