Monday, March 20, 2006

'Loo Go Bragh

The midwestern IWP squad came to Waterloo to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend. I spent some time playin Virgil in Dante's Inferno, giving the tour of Hell, and we did lots of fun things, like walk the nature trail, crash the Bosnian bar because Jameson's was over capacity, and witness truly cutting edge karoke at the Tymes, where everyone leaves a little uglier than they did when they got there. There were some things we didn't get to do. The open mic at the Arts Center was a bust (a bigger heads up than a note on the door might have helped), Jameson's was too crowded like I said (apparently Ben was there the same time we were -- could have been standing right next to him and not known it), and we didn't play Pitch! We forgot! But I'm so happy and glad they all came and enjoyed Waterloo. I'm sorry the others couldn't make it, but there's always another get togther around the corner.

Co, Matt, and Lisa in awe of the Tymes' karoke:

Andrew appreciates the Tymes:

Me and Mandy at some point between "Sweet Home Alabama" and "White Wedding":

Exploring the woods out at Cedar Bend with Amy and Co's dog Dharma:

Dharma identifies an enemy target in the water and engages:

Wrapping up Saturday night:

The best news: Amy and Co are pregnant! I'm so happy for them. Congratulations and salinte!


Benjamin said...

Ooooh, the Tymes. Yikes. I got a great story about that place I should tell you some time.

Yeah, Jameson's was insane. I didn't get there till around 10:30-11, and I stayed because my peeps already had a table. I wouldn't have stayed otherwise, since the place was too busy (took a good ten minutes to get a pint from the beer wench) and I had another invite to Vic's.

Glad you guys still managed to have a good time. :)

effingcomics said...

Thanks for hosting Darby. We had a great weekend! Thanks for posting the pics too. Lisa and I will put our pictures up on our new photo blog soon as we have a new photo blog. It was great seeing everyone!

Darby said...

Can't wait to see them. Thanks for coming, too, I'm glad everyone enjoyed the weekend. It was a big treat to have everyone here.