Friday, March 10, 2006

Got Water?

No 'Loo Slice this week. More like Saturn slice:

The tiny, until obscure as hell moon of Saturn called Enceladus has LIQUID WATER it routinely shoots out into space through geysers that make Yellowstone look like a bone-dry Super Soaker. Not only that, but the geyser plumes the Cassini space probe flew through last summer contain several organic materials.

Um... so when do we go? Mars, Europa, Titan, and now Enceladus are all huge reasons for us to get our act together space program wise and get up there double quick.

I finished a new short story tonight. A short sort of Kafka-esque piece that's very strange and unusual for me. I really like it, though. It's stark and bleak and unreal, irreal, however you want to say it. I also read just an amazing story by E. Sedia. I love it. I love all her writing. Also spent the most of the day doing the final proofing on the galley of my story "Paper Man", which will appear in Shimmer #3 this spring. I also answered some questions for an interview (my first interview!) that will appear on their website at some point.

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