Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Iowa: You Don't Have To Go Home, But...

I wrote ten pages in chapter 31 of the book tonight to bring it up to 721 pages. Yeah. 721. I'm gonna say it will end up 735 or close to it. The last bits have been very difficult to write, very emotional and complicated. I get antsy around the ends of books. I don't know if it's fatigue or an unwillingness to let go. Tomorrow won't be any easier, as I'll be killing off a beloved character. I hope to have the book finished by next week (there's this movie coming out...)

The Corruption of Faith: Part I

The legislators of this great state left the universities with a $22 million dollar shortfall, leaving them to hike tuition again. But the next day they approved a $50 million dollar package to give themselves pay raises. Why should Iowa's young people stay here again?

Oh yeah. Because of the good fortune those casinos will bring. Not to downtown Waterloo though, no matter how desperately it needs it. Despite belly aching for years about revitalizing our downtown and hounding Vision Iowa for money to do so, our mayor stood up in front of God and everybody and said he thought the casino shouldn't go downtown, but out where they're building lots of big houses and stores to shop at because that's where the money will be the 'mostest.'

The exit signs are clearly marked, people.

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Benjamin said...

I'll gamble (pun!) that Waterloo will fuck around with choosing a location, and the casino developers will just go to Cedar Rapids or Des Moines with their money instead.

I'd personally like to see it out by Lost Island, since I doubt anyone's going to lay out the cash for cleaning up the waterfront.

It'd be great to have it on the river. That would really make it a destination. But I'm sure Bertch built that water park where he did so that the casino and hotel could go right next to it.