Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bag - Cat = Felt

Watergate, or rather Woodward and Bernstein's reporting of it, inspired just as many people to go into journalism as Pearl Harbor did people into the army. I wasn't born yet when Nixon resigned, but the film "All The President's Men" had a big impact on me as a kid, as it did others, and so along side fantasies of being Luke Skywalker, I imagined myself a reporter fighting for the truth.

The truth turns out to be what you least expect it. Despite Woodward and Bernstein's insistence that they'd wait until Deep Throat died to reveal his identity, he - being FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt - went ahead and did it anyway. And so the answer to one of the country's mosy enduring mysteries - imagine if you could expect a true answer to who really shot Kennedy - comes out of the blue. Already the hell hounds of the past are rising up to Nixon's defense, people like Pat Buchanan and Carl Colson, both of whom declare Felt a dishonorable traitor for what he did. Colson served time in prison for his involvment in Watergate, by the way. If Felt had maintained his 'honor', Nixon - a criminal - might have remained in office. Very little would have come of Watergate, and the poisonous, insidious use of our highest office would have continued unabated. Yeah, that would have been honorable.

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