Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The last couple years I've come to rely on Google (and cable internet) just as much as I do the tried, true method of the library (though the weekly excursion to the old folks home, as we used to call it, can't be beat) for researching my writing. I thought it would be fun to post a sample of what I googled in the course of writing this last book, to give an idea of how valuable it is:

1939 World's Fair, cerulean, tortuosa beech, volcanic islands, military hairstyles female, trilobites, World War 2 experimental aircraft, scrub forests, senescence, famous sieges, polar conditions, submarine dry docks, cold blooded animals, dinosaurs headcrests, Kate Winslet (wait a second), black holes behavior, desalination plants, filaments, biblical references astrologers

That's just a little bit. Most of them it's very helpful, especially for me, since I'm a research as you go kind of writer. If I come across something I know nothing about and since it's 2 in the morning the library is closed, Google is always open.

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