Friday, January 21, 2005

Wintery Mix

Been sick most of the week, what with the rampant flu and oh yeah, Bush lighting fires in the minds of others all over the world and all. It's so easy to get frustrated and fearful about the direction of this country, but I always try to remember that this too shall pass. All things do.

Tonight it's a wintery mix, some rain, sleet, ice particles, snow, winds of fifty miles an hour or more. Pepper and I will not stand for this. We have laid out our battle plan. The attack begins at dawn (assuming we can get out.)

Been working diligently on the new novel. Some days are better than others. My unofficial quota is five pages a day, or 1,250 words. Usually it's more than that, but I try to avoid too much more because if I do ten or so it burns me out for a couple days. I actually should be writing right now. Playing hokey. So bye for now.

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