Thursday, January 13, 2005


Have you seen the new mini-mini iPod? Eventually they will just insert one under your skin at the base of your skull. Still, I want one. Especially the U2 one, but they're all out of my price range. I don't even own a stereo. Well, I do, but it's from 1970 something and roughly the size of a breadbox, as Steve Allen used to say. My plan also is to have new versions of me gradually reducing in size. Coming 2028: the mini iDarb.

There's a fifty foot tree out back in the alley that creaks and moans with every new wind storm and today sounded as if it were ready to come down. Tomorrow we're due for 50 mile an hour winds (because the snow and ice weren't enough) and I fear the tree will be in the backyard tomorrow. As such, I have left Pepper (who resides in her lookout post/kennel out back) evacuation instructions. Considering she has the alley, the garage and several cars between her and the tree, she'll probably just get the best seat in the house.

I'm happily reading fiction by good friends: a book by Mandy, and a short story by Polly. And I'm waiting for new script pages from Sugu. Slacker.

Vanity Fair just released its third and presumably final Annie Leibovitz cover celebrating Star Wars. This one has everyone from all six films and is a nice way to start things off for the new film, due May 19.

Also, perhaps most importantly for us writers, punctuation can now be used as a weapon.

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