Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Darby's Floating Castle

I should know in March/April about the anthology story. That's the worst part about being a writer: the waiting. It's a bit like waiting for test results. Actually, what it's like is concieving a child, bearing it for nine months and then delivering it, only to have complete strangers judge it to not be marketable.

I've added some new links: the always enjoyable Neal Pollack, and my friend Ben now has a blog as well, called No Code.

Lorrie Moore has a new short story in the new issue of The New Yorker. I'm a huge fan of hers. They also have a wonderful article on Hayao Miyazaki, the giant of Japanese animation. He's a huge hero and inspiration of mine, and I'm dying to see the new film, due here late this year I think. I think I want to see that one as much or more than Star Wars. Sigh. I've become a heretic. I'll just go up here and wait in my floating castle for stuff.

By the way, your monitor is dirty.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darb! I have a lot of confusing work to do, and so I'm procrastinating and thought to come to your site. I hope you're doing well! What did you think of the Lorrie Moore story? She's one of my favorite contemporary writers, and I've read everything she's published (to my knowledge). This story, though, seemed more like an excerpt rather than a stand-alone story. Which is an interesting criticism since I think her stories are so much more masterful than her novels. Even though I admired the visuals and the pondering and the confusion, I finished it and said, "Yeah, so?"

(By the way--Casablanca is my favorite movie, too.)

Your girl Friday