Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Snow Wars

Tonight the snow got soft enough for snowballs. So Pepper (my german shepherd)and I began our assault promptly about midnight. Pepper likes to chase snowballs so I toss them and she goes long. We set about reducing the number of deadly stalactite style icicles as well as enemy garbage can divisions. We slid a bit and there were casualities, but war is war.

The anthology story is done and out. In the end I am happy with how it turned out. I have a title for a new short story, but no story. I'm ramping up on a new novel as well. So far we have The Angel Book and the perhaps heretofore unmentioned Sci Fi Book. This is Mystery Book. Like mystery meat, but literary like. And I have a host of ideas for other books and screenplays and so on, which is nice because last year I felt really burned out and divorced from ideas.

Pepper and I gotta go work on our exit strategy now.

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