Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bowling Alone

A site I check regular is the Word Spy where they collect the new words we create in our bizarro world culture, and today I found "bowling alone" which describes a person who doesn't participate in his/her society, which unfortunately fits me to a tee lately. Not seeing too much of the out doors or other people, and it feels very weird.

On the other hand, I got a call from Polly tonight, and that made my day. She had many good things to say about the anthology story, as well as The Angel Book. She also had many good suggestions that were very helpful. It kind of made me want to jump on a plane and good to NYC and talk all day and night about writing and books and drink Guiness with her. I REALLY REALLY need to get out of here.

1 comment:

p said...

I wish you would - maybe you could get me out of this blaise phase i'm in where i can't write or think or barely type.