Monday, May 15, 2006


Computer still dead. Amazingly, I'm holding together just fine, thanks. Over the last week I stumbled on a new idea for what will be my next novel -- or something -- and I'm very excited about it, because I've been living with the seeds and the fruit of my recent novels for ten years or so, and I'm happy and ready to be cultivating something new and fresh, something for the future.

And in the near future, like on May 19th, the new issue of Shimmer will be available. It contains my story "Paper Man," about blind Millie. You can get it from Clarke's World for sure, and I'll post here when it's up on their site.

And don't forget about Jigsaw Nation, too.

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R. Schuyler Devin said...

I just wanted to say that 'Paper Man' was one of the most enjoyable stories in Shimmer #3. Thank you.