Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is your country, folks. So you girls just plan on getting pregnant, and staying pregnant, until your government says otherwise. I've been reading the stories in the Jigsaw Nation book, and most of them, like my own, are very outlandish in their depictions of a future America, but then you read stuff like this, and it doesn't seem so crazy.

Another tragedy: The Vessey St. staircase, the only surviving remnant of the World Trade Center, which developers intend to get rid of. That would be as criminal as 9/11 itself -- this should be the memorial. The staircase to the sky. These people in charge of redeveloping the site need to use thier heads.

Computer watch: still toast. Now hard, calcified toast. Dangerous if you throw it hard calcified toast.

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Benjamin said...

Did you take that survey from JD a couple weeks back? That's the last thing I did before the virus attack, and since our computers crashed about the same time, I'm guessing that might be the likely culprit.

About the pre-pregnant thing- in the last few years especially, truth has become stranger and more frightening than any fiction. I seriously wonder how much more stupid people can get sometimes.