Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello & Goodbye

My first review, of my story "Black Eyed Moon", which appears in Fantasy Magazine this summer. You have to scroll way down to see it. It was nice. So my fingernails are safe. For now.

Writer and Other Than contributor Steve Almond quit his job at Boston College in protest over the school's invitation to Condoleezza Rice to speak at their commencement. Good for him.

It's raining cats and dogs here. Nothing like out east, but I'm over it. I almost got hit by a car on the bike today. He ran a red light. Thankfully, I have the reflexes of a tiger. Or something. I got my copy of Jigsaw Nation today. Despite having long since had the thrill of seeing my name in print for the first time (years ago when in 1995 when I wrote my first article for the newspaper) it was still very satisfying to see my first short story in print. The book looks great.

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