Thursday, October 06, 2005

WANTED: Reflector Boardist

Beware prams.

The nameless dead.

Say what? Furthermore, when George Will spanks Bush, baby's been bad.

I helped my brother again at the shop today. It looks fantastic and is essentially done. Just a month ago it was another forgotten store front downtown and now it's part of this tidal wave of artistic revival in Waterloo. I think all he needs to do is hire someone to stand by the art with a reflector board all day, and he'll be set (still working out kinks with the lighting). I'm taking the night off from writing 1) because I'm worn out and 2) U2 is on Conan for the whole hour.


Benjamin said...

About U2 on Conan-- wasn't it complete BS that NBC cut out half of Vertigo so Carson Daly could start on time? That was ridiculous, in my opinion.

Darby said...

I nearly threw my chair at the TV. Ugh. They did the same thing when they were on SNL last year, cut it off at the end. Why on earth woould you cut away from the greatest band on earth for Carson Daly? CARSON DALY!?!?!?!?