Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Good

My brother's gallery had its grand opening last Friday night. It went extremely well. About 400 people showed up, and there was wine, coffee, brownies, all of that stuff. There is lots of fantastic art and photography on display, including some of Aaron's. Ben came, and so did a lot of old friends. And it was great because it seemed all the artists in Waterloo came out of the Witness Protection program at the same time. "Is it safe to come out now?" The gallery is at the forefront of a artistic/cultural revival in downtown Waterloo, one that gets more steam every day and I'm glad my brother is part of that. He plans on doing a website soon, so I'll link to that when it's up.

I talked to a couple of people about 'zines -- I've had the idea of starting one for a while now, and I plan on discussing it more soon. I'd really like to be part of something that focuses on Iowa/the Midwest, and not just that, but the weird in all things. I sure won't have any trouble finding contributors for the first issue.


Benjamin said...

I've also had the idea knocking around in my head for a new music magazine that doesn't suck as much as Rolling Stone. So if you decide to get going with a magazine and want a music section in it, let me know.

No problem at all finding willing contributors. :)

I had a great time on Friday. I had no idea people with creative talent actually lived in Waterloo.

Darby said...

A music thing would be very cool. I kind of have an idea of lit zine that's kind of on tilt. Not sure what that means yet. A music element would be sweet.