Sunday, October 23, 2005


Brad Lidge may be scarred for life now. Wow. This has to be the most ambivilent Series for me, ever. On one hand, I really want the Astros to win, because of Bags and Big. But on the other hand, the Sox haven't won since 1917 (fair, anyways) and it's Chicago, so... I end up rooting for both sides which probably makes the people around me wonder if I even know what's going on in the game.

Article from yesterday's paper about the downtown revival, and the 'Tour de Loo', which showed off all the new business down there, including my brother's shop. Features a pic of the gallery, too. I had hoped to write the original article on the gallery, but I couldn't, because Aaron is my brother. Sigh.

In one what has to be the coolest idea I've heard in a while, a new series of books has contemporary writers re-imagining old myths. This is one thing I would LOVE to be a part of.

And for what I really wanted to say: my uncle is still sick, but still pulling through, and I want to extend a big thanks to Sugu's brother Sajo who is going to give my uncle a ride to the hospital tomorrow for his blood check-ups. He really came through for us when we were all in a jam and I really, really appreciate it. Thanks, Sajo.

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